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Laboratory Furniture - Service Pod

Laboratory Service Pods

Laboratory Service Pods

Service Pods can easily be incorporated into your laboratory furniture design as a way to create a clean look within your laboratory whilst giving you the functionality of the services you require within them. 

They are a great advantage within an educational environment such as a high school as it all services are accessible on the pod for practical lessons but do not 




We are finding more and more high schools are asking for service pods to be designed within their Science laboratory Furniture.

Our service pods can be manufactured in a range of colours to suit and match to existing furniture where necessary.

The service pods are made up from a fixed frame with four laminated MDF or Trespa panels to surround. This enables plumbing and services to be hidden within the panels to create a clean look. We also manufacture our service pods with a Trespa Top lab worktop so ensure the pod can withstand harsh chemicals that may be used in the student’s lessons.

Services that we can include within these pods are:

  • Various Gas taps

  • Sinks and Taps

  • Electrical Sockets

Below are some recent photos of pods we have manufactured and installed in high school science labs. If you require any more information please go to our contact page to get in touch.

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