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laboratory furniture

Laboratory Furniture

Furniture for Healthcare, Education and Commercial Laboratories

LAB UK laboratory furniture systems are ideal for all laboratory environments. We offer a bespoke design service to meet your exact furniture requirements.


We manufacture, supply and install robust laboratory furniture for Research Laboratories, Hospital laboratories, University Laboratories and Commercial laboratories that are made to last.


We provide a wide variety of services that can be included in your laboratory design. Items such as:


  • Natural Gas Taps

  • Compressed Air Taps

  • Nitrogen Taps

  • Vacuum Taps

  • Oxygen Taps

  • Distilled Water Taps & Demineralised Water Taps

  • Pure Water Taps

  • Eyewash Stations

  • Hand Wash Stations

  • Fume Cupboards

  • Hose Water Taps


All of the above can be either wall mounted taps, Bench mounted taps or Pendant (Suspended) mounted taps for either gas or water.


Worktops can be in a material to suit the purpose. We use Acid resistant Trespa Top lab worksurfaces which are commonly found in labs. However, other options such as stainless steel and Velstone worksurfaces are available.


We also manufacture and install IPS for laboratory environments.

To inquire about the different services we offer. Please call us on 01942 893 223 or email us

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