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Lab Tables

Fixed Systems

Fixed Furniture Systems in Labs

The fixed format of furniture is available and has proved most popular for dedicated laboratory areas, particularly in severe applications. 


Together with inherent strength and the stability of fixed benchwork which are supported by storage cabinets, it provides an ideal platform for weighty equipment. 


We can design your laboratory furniture to achieve maximum storage and work areas by the arrangement of cabinets made to any size. We can also strategically placed knee space for working desks.


Furthermore, benchtops are also variable whether in the perimeter, Island or Peninsula layout.


Service lines are catered for in the voids behind the unit, protected but easily accessible via removable back panels. Alternatively, service spines and trunking in a variety of designs afford adequate access to worksurfaces as well as isolation of potential hazards.




If you would like us to provide you with any additional information regarding our systems, please email us on



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