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Classroom chairs

Classroom chairs for primary and secondary schools

Lab UK offer a range of loose furniture to compliment our school furniture. We have a selection of classroom chairs in a range of styles. All available in various heights. Click here to download one of our brochures.


3-4 Years

4-6 Years

6-8 Years

8-11 Years

11-14 Years

14+ Years

Chair 2000

Titan One Piece

The Titan one piece chair is the perfect chair for a demanding classroom environment. It was the first to obtain certification for strength, stability and ergonomics, for educational furniture. The one piece design removes the need for maintenance and ensures there are no pinch points or sharp edges to cause injuries. It has a molded carry handle which makes ease of rearranging in the classroom. 

Key Features:

• The Titan One Piece chair is the perfect answer to a demanding classroom environment. Maintenance-free with no pinch points or sharp edges.

• Tested to EN1729 standard 

• The One Piece is anti-tilt by design, ensuring safety in the classroom

• Stackable up to 15 high

• Moulded carry handle for easy rearranging in the classroom

The Titan Chair One Piece is available in a range of colours to suit any school colour theme. Also available in skid base.

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