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Pre Project Planning & Design

Our no obligation planning, design and quotation service is only part of the package which also includes:

  • Client Consultations and site surveys

  • Room layout drawings

  • Mechanical and Electrical specifications

  • Materials and specification advice

  • Detailed working specifications

  • No obligation planning, design and quotation

  • Auto CAD Drawings

  • Sectional drawings to assist the installation

  • Itemised quotes

  • Regular site presence by a project manager


We are regularly commissioned to undertake full turnkey installations including floor finishes, suspended ceilings, decoration, mechanical and electrical work. Interfacing and liaising with other contractors is also a day to day occurrence.


Upon receiving your enquiry, we will do our utmost to help guide your design. We offer itemised quotations along with 2D CAD plan drawings to get a better understanding of what you are looking for. Our itemised quotes are a breakdown to show you a plan of everything you will need to get the result you are looking for. 



We have trained staff that use some of the best software on the market. Therefore, we can also offer lifelike 3D rendered visuals to show our planning of exactly what your furniture will look like in your desired space.



Our design team has a great knowledge of laboratory furniture and will help meet all your requirements whilst offering expert insight from the start to the very end of your project.


The photos below are examples of the 2D planned drawings we can put together for you so you can see how Lab UK's fitted furniture can fit in your space. Below is an example 3D planned drawing to show what your design will look like.



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Q2588 - A - Copy.jpg

Planned drawing of simple lab workbench with single cupboard units and knee space using AUTOCAD.

Plan Drawing in 3D using Vector works.

Design Plan VS Reality

On the left is another example of a science laboratory in a high school that we have designed and on the right was the finished product fitted in their lab. This particular school decided to go with a different colour of units once they have seen their plans on the 3D Visual. This example really does show how realistic and effective our software is in giving you an idea of what your furniture will look like. 

Ladybridge-science lab-06.jpg
Auto Cad.png