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HTM63 & HTM71 Healthcare Furniture

Healthcare Furniture

Furniture for Healthcare Environments

Lab UK Furniture don't just manufacture educational and laboratory furniture. We also design and manufacture furniture to meet other healthcare enviornments such as health centres. 

As wekk as the specialised healthcare furniture we also manufacture kitchen and storage furniture for staff breakout rooms.

Lab UK has supplied and Installed furniture for special units throughout the northwest and the whole of the UK including many mental health projects within hospitals in recent years. We can design complete solutions including bathroom pods that are suitable for mental health use. Furniture can be HTM compliant if required.

We work closely with architects, staff and end users to create furniture solutions that can increase safety. Bespoke mental health furniture is designed to provide a safe and pleasant environment for all. 

Our bedroom furniture provides strength and durability as well as easy to clean surfaces.

Our Bespoke design allows for safety requirements to be met whilst providing a calming environment for patients by using fixings within our projects.

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