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Laboratory Shelving

Reagent Shelving

Reagent Shelving in Laboratories

Our Laboratory Reagent Shelving can be manufactured as an adjustable system, where you are able to adjust the height of the shelves to your desired height, or a fixed system, where the shelves are fixed to a certain height. 

The advantage of reagent shelving is equipment can still be used when placed on the shelving whilst freeing up space on the workbench. This is due to using trunking within the shelving to hide all the electrics and services to give a clean and tidy look to your laboratory.

Both types of reagent shelving can have as many tiers are you require. Cupboard units can also be built within the reagent if desired.

Take a look at our gallery below of some of our recent reagent shelves fitted within laboratories.

Adjustable reagent shelving

Adjustable reagent shelving is made with 40 x 40 metalwork, a spur upright and bracket with the shelving being in MDF or Trespa. This is more commonly found in teaching labs as it is a flexible storage solution. 

Fixed Reagent Shelving System

A fixed system can have integrated services including electric, water and gas. These have the option of suspended gas taps if required. Fixed systems can again be made from trespa or supported by metalwork and come with fixed shelves.

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