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Educational Fitted Furniture


Mobile units for Hospitals, Schools and Laboratories.

Lab UK manufacture Units for all Educational sectors as well as Laboratories. Because we manufacture them ourselves they are not limited to be standard sizes and therefore units can be made to whatever size desired for your intended purpose.

We have a varied range of units we can design including Fixed Unit systemsSuspended Unit systems and Mobile Unit Systems. As well as free-standing Units, Glass Fronted Units and Wall Units. 

Fixed Unit System

Our fixed unit systems can be made with either single or double units. These units can be cupboards or have drawers incorporated within them. They offer the stability of the fixed bench worktops which are supported by the storage cabinets. This provides an ideal platform for weighty equipment. Maximum storage and working areas are achieved by tailored units strategically located knee hole spaces for working desks. Furthermore, the benchtop and cabinet depths are variable in perimeter, island or peninsula layout.

Service lines are catered for in the voids behind the storage cabinet, protected but easily accessible by removable back panels. Alternatively, service spines and trunking offer a variety of designs for adequate access to worksurfaces as well as isolation of potential hazards.

Suspended Unit Systems

Suspended unit systems are designed much like fixed systems as they include fixed benchtops. These systems are supported by C Frame metalwork to which the units would be fixed. This would create a space at the bottom for easy clean access. They can still include service lines. These types of systems are popular within Industrial labs as well as cleanroom rooms.

Mobile Unit Systems

Our mobile unit systems are manufactured to create a flexible storage option within fixed benching and metalwork. Using C frames we can create storage cabinets on castors in any type of unit to create this type of system.

The units can be made with several options such as single mobile units, double mobile units as well as being mobile drawer units in also single and double size.

The advantage of movable furniture for the healthcare sector is that your furniture on castors can move to where ever you need it to be. If required, the castors can have locks on the wheels to make static units should you need it.


Our storage units for the healthcare sector can be adapted with the addition of furniture castors to provide manoeuvrability. In addition, Lab UK's healthcare storage units on wheels are made up of an 18mm Melamine MDF board carcass with 2mm PVC lipping to exposed edges. The carcass can be concealed with 20mm laminated MDF board that is available in a huge range of colours and finishes.

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