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Laboratory Furniture using Trespa Toplab

Industrial Laboratories

Industrial Laboratory furniture

All Our made to order lab furniture can be made for Industrial laboratories such as food testing labs and pharmaceutical labs.


We can supply a range of services, to go alongside your furniture, to meet your needs. Whether that would be standard water taps such as swan neck taps, mixer taps or bib taps as well as gas taps.


We also manufacture shelving such as reagent shelving that is typically used in research and testing laboratories. Take a look at the photo is our gallery below to see some of our previous furniture.


Our furniture will be fitted on metalwork frames that suit your requirements. Some of the types of metal work frames we use are:


  • Cantilever leg

  • C frames

  • H frames

  • Fixed Tables and Fixed Frames

  • Mobile Tables 

  • Loose Tables 

Take a look at our gallery below to see some of our past work.

If you would like any information regarding our industrial laboratory furniture. Please call us on the telephone number below.

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