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Why use Trespa Top lab in a Laboratory?

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We use Trespa top lab for all our worktops when designing and manufacturing a laboratory. There are two types of Trespa to choose from that we use for our furniture dependant upon the type of lab our customer wants.

We use Trespa Top Lab Base and Trespa Top Lab Plus.

Both are heavy duty and a very robust which makes it great to use in a laboratory environment. Both also come in a range of colours and finishes too.

Trespa top lab base is used for laboratory bench surfacing and lab furniture components such as cabinets. It is a scratch resistant material and can withstand resistance to wear and tear but is used where chemical resistance of the surface is not critical. It is ideal where severe use and frequent cleaning is anticipated. It is a great product to use in an educational environment.

Trespa top lab plus is used for laboratories that require a high chemical resistance. It is also scratch resistant and therefore maintains its smooth surface design that will last for several years. Unlike other materials, Trespa Top lab Plus offers antibacterial properties that are perfect for a laboratory environment where cleanliness is of the highest importance.

We use trespa top lab plus in our Research labs, medical labs and clean rooms because of this.

As mentioned we manufacture or furniture in a number of different colours and finishes. Below are examples what we supply.

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