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Our Bespoke Design Service

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

So, this blog is just really to demonstrate what goes into our bespoke design service. As you can appreciate a lot of time is spent with our clients to make sure we design their furniture to their exact specifications whilst giving our advise when it come to what will work and what wont work in order to utilise the space they have.

We have recently received a direct enquiry from a company called Labserv. They specialise in repair and maintenance of complex laboratory equipment. They had acquired a building and needed furniture to fit in with existing electrics.

The original plan is shown below to give an idea of the shape of the room and where the electrics are placed throughout.

From this we were able to meet with the customer to discuss ideas and plans of what will work and what may not. In this instance, the electrics trunking were fitted at the same height with a 20 mm gap between the trunking and the windows. Therefore we have suggested a 16 mm worktop in between this as it would make the under workbench unit bigger and therefore create more storage space for the customer.

From this drawing we are able to create section through drawings to show how we plan to to make your furniture.

From below you can see the two options this particular job can choose from due to the sockets on the wall. The first section through showing the height of which the bench would be if the units and worktops go under the sockets. Whereas the second section through diagram show if the worktop were to go in between the socket and the window sill.

Again, with not being tied to standard sizes we can make a unit and worktop to any height required.

The section through diagrams lets the tradesmen know where the electrics can go and how much space they must work with.

This drawing was sent to the customer and we received some feedback and changes. If this happens, we will then edit their design drawings to meet the changes and quote for this.

Allan advised that as there was a demo area in this lab, if they were standing at the workbenches carrying out demos, the workbench would be too low at 700 high. Therefore, he suggested that they be at 900 high so demos could be done with ease. The demo 3D Visuals were also made so the customer could see what the colour would look like in his lab.

The below 3D photos show what the original plan would look like next to the plan we have advised.

As you can see the photo on the left is the original plan of the units and benching being underneath the trunking. The photo on the right is the revised plan with the units and benching being above the trunking creating a higher work space to stand at as well as more storage space within the units.

This is one of the big advantages we have with the 3D drawings as we are able to offer our clients the chance to visualise their furniture. As well as this they can then see if they are happy with things like the colour of the worktops and units.

From above you can see that we have changed the colour of all the under bench units from blue to grey as the customer wasn't as keen on the blue as first thought and therefore opted for grey.

After the client had seen the drawings and 3D Visuals and was happy with what we could offer, Marc sent through a quote for the laboratory furniture.

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