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C Tech Innovations Research Lab

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We are currently drawing plans up for an existing customer, Sanber at Ctech Innovations near Ellesmere Port.

Ctech specialise in custom built electro-heating and electrochemical equipment. They were looking for benching in a research laboratory.

We received the original enquiry for this job back in July last year. We received the drawing below and were asked to price for benching with some integrated services.

As with a lot of projects we quote for it can take a while for the projects to get funding. We were then contacted by Sanber in May 2019 to re quote for this with a few changes.

The client then decided they would like to include reagent shelving within their research lab.

Marc, our estimator, Re priced and planned a simple 2D CAD drawing. Below is the plan we submitted for approval.

From this, We received an order for the drawing that Marc had drawn and we have gone on to do a 3D Render on Vectorworks and mock up a video.

As you can see from above the research laboratory has a mixture of fixed double cupboard units, Single drawer line units as well as single drawer units all in grey. The worktops are in Trespa Lab top in speckled blue due to the nature of the environment.

One of the worktops also includes a balance bench that includes anti vibration pads. Our balance benches are manufactured to have a double trespa top lab worktop in order to take the weight of equipment as well as take the vibrations out of the machine with the anti vibration pads.

As well as units we have incorporated knee space for employees to have a space to work. The additional fixed island bench with reagent shelving has custom fabricated metalwork to support the over hang on the worktop to help support more weighty objects.

This job is due to be fitted in July and has an approximate cost of £12,000.00

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