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Fume Cupboard

Water Wash Industrial Fume Cupboard

Water Wash fume cupboard within an industrial laboratory

These cupboards are ideal when perchloric, hydrofluoric or other corrosive substances are used.

Water wash fume cupboards are built in standard configuration and have two options Main fed supply or Re circulatory.

Mains fed water wash fume cupboards have a water front control on the service plate and dump directly to a waste connection. Extracted air passes through a knitmesh housing to remove moisture before discharging to atmosphere.

Re circulatory type fume cupboards work when the fume cupboard is switched on and the water is recycled via a holding tank and pump. Extracted air passes through a knitmesh housing to remove moisture before discharging to atmosphere

Both types of fume cupboards are manufactured to UK Standards BS EN 14175.

Our Fume cupboards are both pre-wired and pre-plumbed to ensure minimum installation time on site.


Standard Specification:

  • Radius designed intake profile giving excellent airflow characteristics and containment results.

  • Twin skinned carcase in 16 swg zintec coated mild steel with epoxy powder
    coated finish.

  • Aerodynamically designed sill in 316 grade stainless steel.

  • Sash in 6mm thick toughened glass with full width aerodynamic finger grip.

  • Sprung loaded guide channels to give the sash a smooth operation and
    excellent stability.

  • Counter balanced sash with twin stainless steel cables running in pulleys for smooth movement.

  • Fail safe sash mechanism to prevent rapid decent.

  • Sash lock mechanism with automatic re-setting feature.

  • Adjustable internal baffle to assist with balancing and even airflow distribution.

  • Light box mounted externally out of airflow.

  • Electrical and mechanical services mounted on removable service plates for service and maintenance.

Materials include:

  • PVC/Polypropylene.

  • Toughened glass.

  • High pressure solid grade laminate.

  • One piece moulded cast epoxy.

  • Ceramic.

Optional Extras & Services:

  • Alarm/control panels.

  • Water front controls & outlets, i.e. cold water, hot water, steam.

  • Gas front controls & outlets, i.e. nitrogen, compressed air, natural gas,
    vacuum, hydrogen.

  • Electrical socket outlets, i.e. single, double, RCD protected, spark proof.

  • Waste outlets, i.e. circular drip cups, oval drip cups, sinks, troughs, bottle traps.

  • Support frames.

  • Acid and/or solvent storage cupboards, in mild steel or timber, with or without ventilation. Although restrictions apply if fume cupboard is the re circulatory type.

  • Infill panels to ceiling height with by-pass grilles.

  • Automatic fire extinguishers c/w flame detection unit.

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