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Eduational Furniture - Lab Furniture

Atlas Furniture System 

Science Lab Furniture for Schools

The Atlas lab furniture range is a combination of central

service pedestals with loose student laboratory tables. The service pods can include any services you require for your laboratory including sinks, gas taps and electrical sockets.


A great advantage to this system is it allows flexibility within the room as the position of the lab tables can be reconfigured to suit both group and individual working. Tables can be arranged around each pedestal, or in a more traditional teaching room as above, to suit teaching preferences. Most teachers find, with using the service pod style, because the services are away from the teaching desks in front of the students it minimizes the distractions within the classroom whilst also maximizing the work space. 

Science lab tables are constructed from Trespa toplab base to give students a hard wearing surface that will withstand chemicals used in high school science lessons. 


Additional Fitted laboratory furniture can be installed to the perimeter of the room with storage for lab equipment. We can design your laboratory furniture to include cupboards, drawer units and tray units if needed. Tall storage units are also great for storing larger equipment. 

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