What We Do

What We Do


Our range offers the flexibility to meet all of your needs, taking into consideration usage, space available and budget. We offer a bespoke service and can tailor all our products to your requirements.


We offer an extensive range of cabinets to suit all requirements in a wide choice of colours and sizes – please click the links below for further information

Fixed units on plinth

Push under units on lockable castors

Metalwork Colours

Unit Colours

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Fixed System

The fixed format of furniture  available has proved the most popular for dedicated laboratory areas, particularly in severe applications such as containment laboratories.

Together with inherent strength and the stability of fixed bench tops which are supported by storage cabinets, this provides the ideal platform for weighty equipment – in addition to immovable work surfaces for delicate and critical analysis.

Maximum storage and working areas are achieved by the arrangement of standard width cabinets with tailored units and strategically located knee hole spaces for working desks. Furthermore, bench top and cabinet depths are variable whether in the Perimeter, Island or peninsula layout.

Service lines are catered for in the voids behind the storage cabinet, protected but easily accessible via removable back panels. Alternatively, service spines and turn king in a variety of designs afford adequate access to work surfaces as well as an isolation of potential hazards.

Fixed Units

C-Frame & H-Frame

Both the C-Frame and H-Frame systems offer the ultimate in flexibility and strength. The units can be either mobile or under-slung on 40mm x 40mm heavy gauge epoxy coated mild steel horizontal rails. hanging brackets allow units to be easily re-arranged or dismantled and also facilitate lateral movement of the units.

All suspended units are well clear of the floor allowing easy access for cleaning and regular mopping/mechanical laboratories where cleanliness is of great importance.

Cantilever Leg

Flexibility in planning and use of benching is the key to this elegant, durable style of furniture. Extremely strong supporting steelwork, 40mm x 40mm in sections, is available in a range of colours to compliment your scheme.

The vertical support leg is set sufficiently far back to be unobtrusive, yet balanced in position to give full support to all equipment. Adjustable levelling feet are a standard fitment.

The under bench span-rails are sited to allow installation of wide range of sinks and drip-cups without compromising the weight-bearing capacity of the system.