Laboratory Furniture Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers

Lab UK (Furniture) Ltd is a management team with a wealth of experience in laboratory furniture design, manufacture, supply and installation. Whether you need lab furniture, school furniture or pharmaceutical furniture – Lab UK (Furniture) Ltd can provide you with a simple three step process that will leave your lab looking clean and professional.

The Lab UK (Furniture) Ltd experience is all about offering tailored solutions to our customer’s requirements, our services are personal. We have established ourselves as the leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture and school furniture. This is because we supply to a wide range of companies and businesses including ‘Blue Chip’ pharmaceutical companies, the NHS, private hospitals and educational facilities.

Our experienced planners will be able to help by planning your school and laboratory furniture around your needs. We will ensure that they are compliant with British and European Standards such as HTM63 and HTM71 and we promise to create a safe bespoke working environment.

From concept to completion, our team of highly trained technicians will lead you through your project ensuring quality, flexibility and attention to detail at every step. Our main aim is to guarantee top quality laboratory furniture completed within planned costs and timetable enabling you to concentrate on tasks that are equally as important.

We pride ourselves on great design, quick manufacturing and quality installation leaving your company with a professional working space that looks great. Whether you’re looking for lab furniture that provides more storage or more light our design team will assist you in creating the best room for all of your needs.